Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hillary Clarendon, Will You Marry Me ?

Well, my dreams have come true. I have finally met the man I am going to marry and we are now engaged! I can't wait to marry him! Here's what happened...
Like I said in my previous post, Kyle's grandparents have a beach house in Oceanside that his family goes to often. We planned to go down to the beach this week and Kyle told me to bring something fancy because he might take me out to a 'nice dinner or something, maybe buy me a steak" (Quote from Kyle). So I though hmm.. this could be it! I sure hope so! So we head down to the beach and spent a few days with his parents, riding bikes, kayaking and relaxing. Friday came around and Kyle told me to go get ready so we can go on our date. I always give him a hard time because he doesn't like to plan things so he tried to plan this night out for us as best as he could. I was sitting out in the sun, sweaty from the sun as he came out to me saying, okay, lets go to the movies now... Now!? He forgot to plan that I would have to take some time to get ready so that set us back a bit.. So we dressed up and left for the movies and then dinner followed but I was unaware of where we were going to eat. I was excited but did my best not to let myself think about it too much because I was not sure if he was going to propose.

Here we are about to leave

So we headed out on our wonderful date when all of a sudden we ended up stuck in traffic... Kyle got frustrated with the traffic because it was hot and we were not going to make it to our movie in time and then on top of that, I got carsick. He called his mom to find out where another movie theater was on the way but that got a bit confusing so basically, the big "fancy dinner that that could be THE night he proposes but I'm not sure' date did not start out to well. We didn't end up reaching the theater in time so we just went and walked around Nordstrom's Rack. I have to admit I was a little disappointed with the 'big date' but that was just because I thought it was going to be THE date. Anyways, we go to get in the car and we can't remember where we parked so there we were, wandering around the parking structure looking for the car, all dressed up. Kyle could tell what I was feeling by looking at me and said, "not turning out to be what you thought huh? We then got in the car and he mentioned that we were going to dinner reservations at the Hotel del Coronado! WHAT?! Why didn't he tell me that before hand! That is the type of planning I am talking about! I then felt that my sweet boyfriend had totally redeemed himself and planned something for us! (It's not like he never plans anything but he is just so laid back and spontaneous, I wanted a planned out date with thought :) ). So we drove out to Coronado Island (Traffic free) and sat by the Bay, looking at San Diego. We hung out for a bit on a little bench and laughed about the beginning of the date.

We then headed to the Hotel Del for our dinner reservations at 1500 Ocean.

Kyle claims that he felt at ease eating at the resaurant but I was pretty self-conscience about how I was carrying myself, how my hair was, if my elbows were on the table or not and so on. This place was fancy schmancy and I am definitely not used to fine dining but it was an awesome experience. Pretty opposite of what I pictured for our date, I thought we were going to Olive Garden or Applebees or something so this was really special.

The view from our table

At dinner I asked him what he had planned next. He said he planned we would walk along the beach but he forgot to plan in bringing me a sweatshirt or a blanket so he then went with his 'plan B' and we went to Rite-Aid and bought a funky blanket and headed to stroll along the beach. At this point I hoped the proposal was going to come but he wasn't acting nervous and again, I didn't want to get my hopes up. Anyways, we continued to walk along the sidewalk in front of the hotel and all along the water until we came to the end of the sidewalk so we stopped. As we stood there holding each other, looking at the water I thought this had to be it! My thoughts were interrupted when he said, "Welp, that's about all I have planned". My heart sank and I thought Uh oh.. this car ride home will not be a happy one. So we started to walk back when suggested we sit at a bench so we sat and talked for about 20 minutes.
(This picture was taken after the proposal, I didn't just take a picture of a bench before :) )

As we sat there, he kept looking back and forth behind him, I thought this was strange but didn't think too much into it. He kept asking me what I was thinking about and I kept saying nothing but obviously I was thinking, "you better be pulling out a ring soon! :)" A few minutes later he said, "Well, that's about all I have planned, Sorry I'm not a very good planner". Of course I told him it was wonderful because it really had been, despite the start of the date. I then thought, well, it's not going to happen tonight but that's okay because we had a great time together but then (Here's where it gets good) he said,
Kyle: There is one more thing
Hillary: What? (still thinking it was not going to happen)
Kyle: For you to marry me
Hillary: *looking at him next to her saying HUH?*
Kyle then swoops down on one knee and grabs my hand and with a big smile and watery eyes and says, "Hillary Clarendon, Will you marry me?"
Hillary: *silent* (I was shocked and couldn't say anything but cry!)
Kyle: Here look, here's the ring! (Kyle pulled the ring out of his pocket. It was in there loose the entire day! Nordstroms Rack, Dinner, the Bay, everything!)
Hillary : *still silent but crying*
Kyle: Well? Yes or no?
Hillary: YEAH!
Kyle then put the BEAUTIFUL ring on my finger and I hugged him but held my hand up and stared at the ring while we hugged! I was shocked but so happy! Kyle was also happy and later stated that those were not tears in his eyes but sand that got in his eyes. :)

We hugged and kissed and hugged and smiled and kissed all while I stared at my ring and kept saying, "Are you sure?". I then said he is now stuck with me for life and he said that was okay and he could handle it. :)

This is what Kyle's excited face looks like, although when he was down on one knee, his smile was bigger which really made me happy. :)

We took some pictures and then started back to the car. We called my parents, his parents, and some family and friends along with sending out a mass text with the good news!
Those of you who know me, know that I have been waiting for him to propose for a while now, even though we have only been dating for almost 2 years. I just knew I wanted to marry him for a while and remember calling my best friend, Courtney, telling her after our 10th date that I was going to marry this guy.

One more picture before we left the spot!

We drove home and of course I was showering him with questions like : how long did you have the ring? How did you plan to ask me there? When did you talk to my dad? What did he say? What did you say? What are you feeling right now? etc...
We got back to the beach house and his parents, who has not answered the phone early, were now asleep so we were just going to have to tell him in the morning. The next morning I woke up and threw my hand up in the air to look at my beautiful ring! I then went to Kyle's room to wake him up so we could go show and tell his parents. He told me he wanted to sleep and I should just tell them myself. Of course I said no way and that we both had to tell them. He finally agreed and we went to the living room to show them. I had my hands in my sweatshirt pockets and said to them, "Have you guys ever wanted a daughter?" They both replied with a yes and I then ripped my hand out of my pocket, showed them the ring and said, "Well now you have one!" We all hugged and I started to cry again. It was a happy and exciting time! I then put the news up on Facebook and enjoyed seeing all the 'likes' and comments come in.
The whole thing was so surreal and very fun! I am so excited to marry Kyle and am so thankful God brought our lives together. Before we met, we had both prayed for God to bring us someone in His timing and the next month we met! :)

Here is a picture from when it all began. We went to Disneyland on our 2nd Date (Big date for only a 2nd date huh? )

Also on a side note. Kyle's dad and my dad taught together years ago when they were fresh out of college. Our parents became friends and when they all had kids, our families would get together when we were younger. I was too young to remember this but we have a home video of our families on a vacation to Coronado when I was 2 and Kyle was 6. We were playing on the beach and walking around the bay area getting ice cream. It is so fun to go back and watch it now, seeing that I am now engaged to this little boy in the video with the over-sized hat and sweatshirt tied around his waist. I always ask Kyle if he knew back then that I was the one for him and his response always is, "I had no clue who you were". Romantic huh? :) Our parents got together once in a while, mainly our dads but the kids never came so when Kyle and I met up in August of 2009, we has not seen each other since we were little. The place where Kyle proposed is the same beach and area that we played on in the home video. Sweet huh?

Here is a picture of a video shot from that vacation years ago. My dad is holding me and Kyle is in the hat.

Well, I know this was long but I had to include all the details. Maybe I will print this away and pack it up and then when my grandkids ask how grandpa proposed I will remember exactly how it happened! :)


Holly Strand said...

oh my gosh i cried and i laughed. so fun! love you hillary!

The Winger Family said...

Great story!!! Congrats Hillary!

Lori George said...

You have a gift for telling a story. I enjoyed the details. I am sure you will be very happy together. Thanks for sharing :-)

Jan Tankey said...

What a lovely story!!!!